Adblock vs Adblock Plus

Today we’re comparing Adblock and Adblock Plus to see which reigns supreme.

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Overall, Adblock and Adblock Plus are similar in a lot of ways. They both use the same ad filter which has been developed by the team behind Adblock Plus, so there isn’t one option that will work better at blocking adverts. If Adblock blocks or allows an advert, Adblock Plus will do the same.

However, Adblock does allow you to block adverts that slip through the technology as long as the advertiser isn’t paying them to keep their adverts on the whitelist. So, this is a benefit for Adblock that Adblock Plus does not offer.

Adblock Plus excels in both performance and usability; however. Adblock was found to slow down browsers, especially when you have multiple tabs open. The more tabs you have open, the slower the browser will run.

Adblock Plus does not seem to have this issue as you can use it with many different tabs open without the performance being slowed down. If you are someone who tends to have lots of tabs open often, you’ll benefit much more from using Adblock Plus.

Again, there’s not much difference between Adblock and Adblock Plus when it comes to usability. They are both very easy to use and require little to no setup to start using. However, if you want to see which ads are blocked on each page that you’re visiting, Adblock Plus is the only option that allows you to do this.

From our research, both Adblock and Adblock Plus are good options for adblockers. However, Adblock Plus just slightly takes the lead as the best option in our eyes.

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