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Microsoft Teams has become a main staple in not just business communication, but in everyday life due to many working from home and those wanting to communicate with family members. While you might think that Teams is on Windows 10 PCs as standard, you may have to download the communications program to get talking with your specified parties.

MS Teams is available in multiple forms whether that be on desktop, tablet, or mobile and even though this page is focusing on the Windows 10 version, by clicking the download button on this page, you’ll be taken directly to the official Teams download where you can pick the version for your specified device.

Start recording and automatically turn on live transcription

When you start recording a meeting, you also turn on live transcriptions. Select More actions more actions button-duplicate at the top of your meeting, and then select Start recording. A transcript will automatically start.

To learn more about meeting recordings and transcripts, see Record a meeting in Teams.