Best Budget Gaming Monitor in 2023

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The best computer in the world is near useless without a monitor for visual output, and for gaming specifically, if you’ve put together a gaming rig, you’re going to want to pair it up with a good monitor to see the games you’re playing on. 

There are all sorts of gaming-centric features available in modern monitors. In the past, many of these features were limited to pricey top-end gaming, but over time we’ve seen functionality that was once the reserve of expensive premium gaming displays gradually filter down towards mid-range and even lower end. These days, there are options in budget-friendly price ranges that offer functionality like higher frame rate displays, where up to 144Hz frame rates are starting to become far more mainstream. There are also variable refresh rate technologies like AMD’s Freesync technology, and Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, that result in far smoother gameplay performance.

It would be a real shame to go to all the effort of putting together or buying yourself a gaming rig, only to let a dated or otherwise not fit for use monitor hamper your gaming experience. It’s entirely possible to pick out a gaming monitor that can offer you excellent image quality, performance, and offer a high resolution and detailed picture. Here is our roundup of the best gaming monitors you can buy today without breaking the bank.

These are our top picks for gaming monitors that come in at reasonable prices. Like many components, you can spend a little or you can spend huge sums depending on your budget and requirements, but we think this selection will satisfy many users without asking for astronomical prices. What are the most important features in a monitor for you? Do you plan on going for a more premium gaming monitor, or will one of the monitors featured here suit your needs. Let us know how you get on in the comments.

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