Apex Legends Season 5 Titanfall hints begin to drop

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I’m a big Apex Legends fan. You probably know that. I’m just about to complete my grind to the end of the Season 4 Battle Pass. I’ve already got the 100 levels worth of cosmetics, and I’m now plowing through the last 10 unnecessary extra levels to get the Season badge (102 at the time of writing in case you were wondering – with 12 days to go).

To be honest, I am not sure I can face going through the same again when Season 5 lands – assuming it is still on time – but clues have started to be spotted in World’s Edge by keen-eyed players. A datapad has been located in The Dome, and this throws up some interesting possibilities.

Most people know that Apex Legends is set within the Titanfall universe, but as yet, there hasn’t really been any nods in the story to Respawn’s other hugely successful IP. Now however, the datapad – which could well be a nod to the Titanfall ‘Cause and Effect’ level, combined with Respawn’s own admission that Season 5 will be a ‘pleasant surprise for Titanfall fans’ all points to a twist in the Apex story arc. A second pad has just been found in-game too, so chances are more clues will appear imminently. Keep in mind though, that ahead of Season 4, Respawn introduced a new character that would be playable this season called Forge, only to kill him off at the last minute and Revenant appear as the new bad guy. Epic story twist there that took everybody by surprise and made everybody suddenly pay attention to the back story of the game – many for the first time.

There is no news as yet on any new Legends or map changes, but I’d possibly anticipate both. The map changes for Season 4, while welcome, were hardly wholesale, and a couple of weeks ago Respawn threw back in the original King’s Canyon map as well – no doubt to try and keep things fresh for regular players.

I am not alone in finding it was handled in a bit of a haphazard way. My grind to the end of the season has been severely hampered by the new system of rotating maps where the World’s Edge is available for two hours, followed by two hours of King’s Canyon – I can see why they have done it, but a lot of my Challenges for extra XP and Battle Pass levels are centered around quests in World’s Edge – and for half of the time I can’t play that map which is really annoying as my playtime is limited in the first place. This makes me believe that the introduction of King’s Canyon as a playable once more was not planned in as recently as a few weeks back.

Fortnite recently delayed the start of their new season by a couple of months with no explanation – although it is widely assumed it is down the current pandemic. Apex Legends could yet go the same way with design teams all working from home, but in the constant quest to keep players numbers up, that would be a blow for Respawn.

Apex Legends Season 4 will conclude (in theory) on May 5th

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