iOS 15.3 - Should I update?

Don't sit on this important security update

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iOS 15 has been a roller coaster of great features (albeit delayed at launch) alongside some damning security flaws which have only just been fixed since it launched back in September 2021. Now all eyes are on when Apple will reveal the iOS 15.3 release date for the public, considering the release candidate has been with developers for around five days now.

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iOS 15.3 - Should I Update? What's been fixed?

All current iOS 15 users should make the jump to iOS 15.3 due to it being more of a security update than a features update. Infact, it has multiple bug and security fixes. To summarise, the biggest fix includes patching a major security hole in Safari on iOS 15, PadOS15 and Monterey 12.2 that leaked Google account and open tab details to savvy hackers. This bug seems to be more of a system issue than Safari considering it affected Chrome and other browsers running from iOS devices.

For more information on the latest Apple security updates, their website details all fixed security issues with relevant dates here.

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Safari bug history - iOS 15.3 Should I upgrade?

The Safari browser vulnerability leaks tab and Google account information (if logged into one of course). Whilst Apple is working on a solution as we speak, having this knowledge in public view means this has been an issue for a while.

As of 19th January, the fix has been ready to roll out for some time according to this GitHub entry, so it's anyone's guess as to why Apple was waiting at the finish line on this one. This bug only affects iOS 15 Safari, so any iOS 14 Safari users will not be affected, but don't forget to grab the iOS 14.8 security update if you haven't already!

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Features we're still waiting for - iOS 15 Should I Upgrade?

Universal Control has been in demand for some time now, but Apple has told us that we should expect a Spring release for it. This leads us to believe that Universal Control might not drop until iOS 14.8 or later. For those who aren't aware, Universal Control stems from sidecar functionality, this turns an iPad running iPadOS 13 or later into a second screen for a Mac running macOS Catalina or later. The end game is for Universal Control to take over other Apple product functionality, turning iPhone into a control hub for the greater Apple ecosystem.

Digital ID support is apparently coming to 30 US states too. This functionality allows users to upload their driver's license to their Apple wallet app for use with iPhones and iPads that support it. It's a handy feature, but it was delayed in November to an early 2022 release. Maybe that's something we can expect from the iOS 15.4 release date for the public?

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