LG Announces New Curved OLED Gaming Monitor Sporting a 240Hz Refresh Rate

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At Berlin’s IFA 2022 event, LG will be showing off an interesting new OLED gaming monitor that boasts a whopping 240Hz refresh rate, a number double that of most contemporary OLED monitors on the market.

The tech firm cites in a blog post published on Friday morning, Aug. 26, that the UltraGear model 45GR95QE will be “LG’s first curved OLED display with a 240Hz refresh rate.” Those in attendance at IFA 2022 (Sept 2-6) can experience the ultra swift and smooth 45-inch model for themselves amid LG’s booth.

The integrated 240Hz refresh rate ensures the OLED display, which already has pretty swift response times, will have a much smoother and less jittery picture when gaming.

Despite LG stating that it is the company’s first OLED product to sport 240Hz, it’s not exactly the first curved OLED in the world, as represented by the QD-OLED display out of Alienware that can reach as high as 175Hz and the Samsung Odyssey Ark, a curved OLED panel that offers 165Hz.

LG’s 240Hz monitor will also come equipped with all the bare necessities, including VRR support, 0.1 ms gray-to-gray (GTG) response time, and a borderless 21:9 display. Apart from its increased refresh rate, LG also notes that it’s the company’s first-ever pairing of an 800R curvature with 45-inch screen size. It’s unclear as of yet when consumers can expect an available price point and official release date.

OLED panels are clearly improving, despite LCD monitors offering refresh rates as high as 360Hz. With LG’s OLED 240Hz monitor on the cusp of release, in tandem with assorted rivals, like Corsair’s own 240Hz OLED display and Razer’s new laptop, the Razer Blade 15, display technology is only at the starting line of ever-increasing improvements.

Does LG make a 240Hz TV?

LG has several models of 4K televisions that leverage a 240Hz refresh rate, including its 65″ Ultra High Defenition Smart TV and a smaller 55″ version.

Is higher refresh rater better?

According to Intel, the answer kind of depends on your PC’s own internals, as a monitor’s higher refresh rate also equates to a far larger load on your GPU and CPU, which are vital components and could stunt a game’s frame rate when running at higher frequencies. It also comes down to the specific type of game being played, as each one comes with its own load potential on a user’s GPU and CPU. In theory, though, a higher refresh rate is better only if the user’s PC components can keep up with the improved panels.

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