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New AMD 9000 series overclocking feature could solve one big Curve Optimizer issue

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Last Updated on July 2, 2024
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A new feature looks to be on its way for 9000-series AMD CPUs called Curve Shaper – giving enthusiasts more control over their overclocking ventures.

Overclocking has been all the rage this week, with a couple of Ryzen-based overclocking stories working their way around forums and press. The latest overclocking news comes to us from software developer Yuri “1usmus” Bubily who is recognized for tools including ClockTuner for Ryzen and Project Hydra. He states on his X profile that even though the release of Zen 5 is still a month away, an “incredible new overclocking feature for enthusiasts” is on the way – and we’re pretty excited.

Curve Shaper will be an add-on for AMD Curve Optimizer – a tool which allows users to fine-tune their systems through the voltage-frequency curve of their CPUs. The tool is specifically designed for enthusiasts to squeeze better performance out of their processors while ensuring thermal efficiency remains.

However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks of AMD Curve Optimizer was that it would unnecessarily boost frequencies when the CPU was running at low temperatures. For example, if a user is idling through emails or browsing the web, then thermals would naturally drop as high-frequency CPU usage is not required. In this scenario (and due to the limitations of AMD CO), Curve Optimizer would boost your frequencies as you aren’t being held back by thermal limitations.

The new add-on will allow users to control Curve Optimizer “over the whole temperature range”, says 1usmus – potentially solving one of the big issues with the tool.

That said, there’s a lot of positive news coming out about the new lineup of 9000 series CPUs, and this feels like another decent win for the brand. The add-on is said to integrate directly into Ryzen Master software – removing the annoyance of having to download a third-party application.

Finally, as stated in a VideocardZ news post, “there should be an update for HYRDA around the release of Ryzen 9000. This public release will bring support for automatic video card overclocking and DDR5 memory overclocking on the AMD platform”.

Source: 1usmus, Videocardz

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