GTA Online update slow download – improve speeds on Xbox, PS5, PS4, and PC

If you’re struggling with a slow update for GTA online, try these tips

GTA Online update download speed

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GTA Online is a title that continues to receive sizeable and regular updates. This is great for the health of the game and fanbase. But not ideal if your experience of a GTA Online update is a painfully slow download. Not everyone has market-leading download speeds at home, so what can you do?

There are a few things you can try. Whether on Xbox, PS4, PS5 or PC, we’ve got a few tips to improve your GTA Online update experience.

Why is your GTA online update downloading slowly?

It could be game server load, with lots of players rushing to download the latest update, but you can also check your connection. To make sure it’s nothing on your end, run a speed test to ensure your speeds are as expected.

If they’re not where they should be, it may be a provider issue that is hampering your GTA Online update.

How to improve GTA Online update download speeds



Pause Other Downloads

To ensure your GTA Online update download is getting priority, ensure all other downloads on your console or PC are paused.

Another running download will take up bandwidth and so lessen the available bandwidth for other downloads. If you want your GTA Online update a top speed, it should be the only active download.



Close Internet Apps

It’s not just other downloads that use bandwidth, anything connected to the Internet will use your connection.

For top download speeds, you should close other applications using the Internet.

If you have other apps using the Internet, be sure to stop or end them if they are not needed. They could be having an impact on your download speeds.



Disconnect Devices

You can even try turning off smart TVs, disconnecting mobile devices from WiFi, and temporarily stop other Internet use.

If you are streaming music or media elsewhere, this could have an impact on your  GTA Online update download speed.



Improve Signal Strength

All WiFi downloads can be impacted by signal strength. So if your slow GTA online update is happening over WiFi, moving your system closer to your router (if possible) may help.

If that’s not a realistic option, you could consider a temporary ethernet cable connection from your Xbox, PS4, PS5 or PC to your router.

A permanent connection can offer ongoing steady speeds. But doing it temporarily will at least mean getting your slow GTA Online update download moving quickly!

Hopefully, one of these tips will get you back online and running around Los Santos. And help you with the GTA Online Criminal Enterprise update as well as future online gaming downloads!

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